Eyelash extensions instantly open up and brighten your eyes. Each set can be customized to your unique and individual eye shape. We currently provide Classic Eyelash Extensions.

Please come to your appointment with a clean face and no makeup.


Full Set – $80

Fill – $40
(must have at least 50% of lashes remaining)

Prices are subject to change. Please contact us for our most current prices.


How are eyelash extensions applied?

Each lash is individually applied to your own eyelashes to provide a natural look. Try not to touch your fresh eyelash extensions or get them wet in the first 24 hours. It is normal to experience some redness or irritation after your appointment (especially if you have sensitive skin or eyes), but we try to minimize this as best as we can.

Can I put makeup on with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can put makeup on but refrain from using any type of mascara.

How do I remove my makeup?

Use an oil free makeup remover to remove your makeup.

How do I maintain my eyelash extensions?

Brush through your eyelash extensions with the brush provided by your technician. Maintain lash extension fills regularly. Clean your lashes with a foaming lash cleanser a few times a week.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions typically last 2-4 weeks before you must come in for a refill.

What is the normal amount of lashes to lose?

We naturally lose about 1-5 lashes every day so it is normal to see this amount of fallout.

Your lashes grow in different cycles and you may experience faster/slower growth during different seasons. It is normal for your lashes to sometimes shed faster than usual. This simply means you have new lashes growing in and we will have extra lashes to lash at your next appointment!
Unfortunately, although we use the best glue on the market at The Beauty Lounge, (specifically designed for long-lasting lashes and sensitivity), it is inevitable that some people might experience an allergic reaction. This is easily treated. Please contact us if you experience intense itching or red/swollen eyes a few days after your appointment.